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Nearly half of security threats are cloud-enabled

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/faithie)

Almost half of threats (44 percent) faced by the modern organisation are cloud-enabled, and cybercriminals are using the technology to launch and conceal their attacks. This is according to a new report from cloud security firm Netskope.

Analysing anonymised data from all over the globe, Netskope says attackers are using the cloud to blend into the environment they’re targeting and better evade detection techniques.

They are using cloud services and apps to scam employees, phish for information, deliver malware, formjack and steal data (among other things). Phishing and malware delivery stand out as the two most popular cloud threat techniques, the report states.

Employees are using various clouds and various cloud apps to move all kinds of data. They’re moving documents from Dropbox to Google Drive, from OneDrive to Slack and everywhere in between. More than a third of the information being shared around (37 percent) is considered sensitive.

Almost all enterprise users (89 percent) are in the cloud, actively using at least one cloud app every day - either for storage, collaboration or email. Netskope claims businesses use, on average, 2,481 different applications.

For Ray Canzanese, Threat Research Director at Netskope, the results suggest cloud-enabled kill chain in increasing in both sophistication and scale, meaning businesses need to modernise quickly.