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Netskope - Why security doesn’t need to be a negative

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As more and more businesses move their processes to the cloud, the need to ensure effective security is greater than ever.

Netskope is looking to provide this peace of mind, and CEO Sanjay Beri recently sat down with ITProPortal to explain exactly why cloud security should be a major consideration for all organisations.

Beri set up Netskope in 2012 in an attempt to build, ”an independent, iconic security company”, and the firm has grown quickly since then. Now working with a quarter of Fortune 500 companies, Beri says that now is the time for greater inclusion between the cloud and security worlds.

"I've spent my life working with companies on cybersecurity, but we saw that organisations were moving to an environment where they're basically saying that, my core business has why do I need a box working on-premise still?"

"Security is often looked at as a negative thing -we're looking to stop all of these threats - but what we're trying to do is allow companies to say yes, and enable technology that makes their company better.”

“We're here to let you say yes.”

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Netskope recently released research that outlined the sheer scale of cloud app usage in businesses - however the vast majority of apps aren’t owned by the IT department, but other arms such as marketing or engineering.

In some organisations, this figure can be as high as 90 per cent, but the fact that cloud apps are distributed so far around means that securing them can often be a major challenge.

Beri warns that the key aspect for many businesses is to provide “guardrails" around employee’s IT usage, ensuring that they don’t do anything to put the company at risk.

"There's a bunch of things most enterprises need to do, but the reality is that most companies are still not educated enough,” he says, “they don't yet have the tools implemented to put their guardrails much as you can educate your employees not to click on that link - some still will.”

"The reality is that cloud is a great to collaborate - but it's also great way to spread malware and ransomware.”

With GDPR making companies all around the world wake up to the reality of having stringent data privacy and protection rules in place, Beri notes that “proper security hygiene” is an absolute must for all businesses now.

"Ultimately every company has something that is sensitive...and you'd better make sure you don't expose that data,” he says.

"The reality is that even without (GDPR) you should be making sure that people's sensitive data isn't in the wrong place, or being exposed.”

"(GDPR) has elevated, to the board level, the question of security hygiene. It's no longer a question of what could happen - it's now, we know what can happen...which makes it a lot more real.”

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