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New campaign targets BT's 'mobile dominance'

There is a way for UK's consumers to take part in making their mobile networks better and cheaper, and a new campaign has been kicked off to spread the word. Three UK, TalkTalk, CityFibre, Federation of Communication Services, Gamma and Relish have joined forces and created the MakeTheAirFair campaign. Its goal is to curb BT's dominance, which the group claims is hurting the business.  

They are urging communications watchdog Ofcom to limit the amount of spectrum a single company can own to 30 per cent. The group claims this will mean all mobile consumers will get better performance, faster speeds and lower prices, as limiting spectrum ownership would improve competition.  Ofcom is preparing to sell another batch of the spectrum next year, and the group believes BT/EE should not be allowed to participate, as the company already owns 42 per cent of total spectrum. Vodafone should also be limited, the group believes, as it currently owns 29 per cent.  

There's also a hashtag, #TellSharon, which the supporters of the idea can use to tell Ofcom CEO, Sharon White, what they think of the matter. The group says the UK is among the most imbalanced countries of the developed world, when it comes to mobile airwaves, together with Thailand and Malaysia.  

They also said a recent Three / YouGov poll says two third (65 per cent) of consumers want such a cap.  

“The UK mobile market is broken at a critical time when it should be leading and not lagging almost all other developed countries,” says Dave Dyson, CEO at Three UK.  

“Ofcom must prove it is on the side of consumers and apply a 30 per cent cap on total spectrum ownership following next year’s auction.” 

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