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New ransomware is getting creative

You know those horrible hostage situations in movies, where terrorists threaten to kill a hostage every hour until their demands are met? Well, it seems hackers crafting ransomware have been watching a lot of movies lately, because one of the new ransomware families is doing a similar thing, only with your files. A new report by security researchers TrendMicro, on the state of cyber-security, says that in the past six months, there has been an increase of 172 per cent in new ransomware families, compared to the whole of 2015. 

A total of 79 new families were discovered by the company, with some being pretty creative in their horror. The JIGSAW rasnsomware, for example, destroys a couple of files for each hour the ransom isn't paid, and SURPRISE increases the amount if the victim breaks the deadline. 

There are also ransomware families designed specifically for enterprise machines, including CRYPSAM, ZCRYPT, CRYPJOKER, CRYPRADAM and POWERWARE. As usual, ransomware is most easily spread (58 per cent) through email attachments. 

But the threat landscape is much more than just ransomware. TrendMicro also says BEC (Business Email Compromise) is a huge issue, as well. BEC, also known as Bogus Boss fraud, compromises business accounts, impersonates company executives and orders (large) money transfers. They are most prevalent in the US, Brazil, Hong Kong and Japan, and are usually targeting CFOs.