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Next generation connected devices will be known as Wi-Fi 6E

(Image credit: Image Credit: RawPixel / Pexels)

All devices capable of using Wi-Fi 6 will be branded Wi-Fi 6E, it was confirmed by the Wi-Fi alliance just recently. Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation standard in wireless internet technology. It can use the 6GHz band, which has seven 160MGz bandwidth channels and 14 80MHz bandwidth channels, the Alliance confirmed.

"6GHz is well suited to facilitate Wi-Fi's continued growth in these areas due to its adjacency to 5GHz where Wi-Fi already operates, greater availability of wider channel sizes, and accessibility to clear spectrum with less interference from legacy Wi-Fi 4 or Wi-Fi 5 devices," the alliance said.

Furthermore, the Alliance claims with the new standard’s wider channels and additional capacity, more simultaneous Wi-Fi users can be supported, even in “very dense and congested environments”. These devices should appear on the market as soon as regulators approve them.

"Wi-Fi has become the most important wireless technology for American consumers and businesses, and is projected to contribute almost $1 trillion in economic value to the United States by 2023," said Chuck Lukaszewski, vice president of wireless standards and strategy at Aruba.

"As the application and overall demand for Wi-Fi continue to surge, access to the 6GHz unlicensed spectrum will enable Wi-Fi to continue delivering the vast innovations and socioeconomic benefits it is bringing to the market today while helping to ensure Wi-Fi can meet the new promises of the 5G era and beyond."

Wi-Fi 6 is roughly 30 per cent faster than Wi-Fi 5, some tests have shown.