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No-code represents a huge opportunity, but few understand what it is

(Image credit: Image Credit: Christina Morillo / Pexels)

In a few years’ time, most of the apps developed by enterprises will have been built with the help of no-code and low-code solutions, but knowledge gaps are holding these technologies back.

This is according to a new report from Formstack, a no-code workplace productivity platform, which states that the adoption of low-code and no-code tools is on the rise, but only among a minority of businesses.

Right now, more than four in five people (82 percent) are unfamiliar with the term “no-code”, the report claims. A fifth of coders use no-code tools today, 71 percent of which started using them within the last year, driven in part by the pandemic.

More than half (56 percent) of those that know how to write code use no-code tools, while just a tenth of those who don’t know how to code use no-code tools.

In a recent report, analyst house Gartner predicted that 70 percent of all new enterprise applications will be built using low-code and no-code technologies in future - a conclusion supported by Formstack's research.

“No-code is creating a new revolution in tech (and the world) because it's giving the power of software development to the masses,” said Lacey Kesler, Head of Education at Adalo and Founder of Women in No-Code.

“It's no longer the small percentage of the world that can code that can develop their idea. Now anyone with an internet connection can build software. Think of all the ideas and solutions we're missing because it's been inaccessible to develop software.”