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No one wants to buy NSA's hacking tools

It seems as no one wants to buy NSA’s exploit tools. Or maybe ShadowBrokers, the group selling the tools, overpriced the deal. The media were buzzing this morning that the group, allegedly died with Russian, state-sponsored hackers, decided to pull the auction on the tools. Instead, they turned it into a crowdfunded sale, aiming for 10,000 bitcoin, or slightly over $6 million. 

Two weeks ago, the group complained how it couldn’t find a buyer. Initially, after finding the tools, they released more than half of it for free, deciding to sell the rest. They said they’d keep all the bitcoin, even from those who had lost the auction, but would release other free hacking tools in consolation. It seems as no one is biting. 

"TheShadowBrokers is being bored with auction so no more auction. Auction off. Auction finish. Auction done. No winners. So who is wanting password? TheShadowBrokers is publicly posting the password when receive 10,000 btc (ten thousand bitcoins). Same bitcoin address, same file, password is crowdfunding. Sharing risk. Sharing reward. Everyone winning." 

The tools have since been confirmed as fully-working exploits. Most of them are capable of avoiding enterprise firewalls. Interestingly enough, it was recently also discovered that the group tries really hard to seem as it’s not a native English speaker. Apparently, it has been deliberately making spelling and grammar mistakes. 

Image Credit: Welcomia / Shutterstock