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Nokia phones may have breached user data

(Image credit: Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns)

Reports are coming in that a certain Nokia phone model may have leaked personal information to a Chinese server, and Finnish authorities are moving in to investigate.

The news was confirmed by Reuters recently, which confirmed that Finland’s data protection ombudsman would investigate the matter.

Ombudsman Reijo Aarnio told Reuters he’d look into any potential breaches that involved “personal information and if there has been a legal justification for this.”

According to local media, the device in question is the Nokia 7 Plus. The company that makes these phones, HMD Global, said that an “unspecified number” of these devices sent data to a Chinese server.

Nokia, the company, didn’t want to comment.

The Norwegian media were tipped by a user who spotted that his / her phone kept sending unencrypted data to a particular server. According to them, HMD didn’t want to say whose server it was.

“We can confirm that no personally identifiable information has been shared with any third party,” HMD Global said in an email to Reuters, adding there had been “an error in software packaging process in a single batch of one device model”.

 “Such data was never processed and no person could have been identified based on this data,” HDM said, adding the error had been fixed in February and that nearly all affected devices had installed the fix.

Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns