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Nvidia wants to help businesses get up to speed on AI

(Image credit: Shutterstock / Peshkova)

Nvidia wants to help businesses get up to speed on Artificial Intelligence (AI) fast. To make it happen, it is sharing an internally-developed cloud hub with the world.

The Nvidia Base Command Platform promises faster movement from prototype to production, the company said in a press release.

Designed for large-scale, multi-user and multi-team AI development workflows hosted both on-prem and in the cloud, the platform is built for researchers and data scientists looking to work on accelerated computing resources simultaneously. 

Users of the Base Command Platform can expect a “single pane of glass view” across AI development, which should simplify resource sharing through a graphical user interface and command line APIs. Furthermore, the hub offers integrated monitoring and reporting dashboards.

According to Nvidia, the hub comes with a “broad range” of AI and data science tools, including the Nvidia NGC, APIs for integration with MLOps software, Jupyter notebooks and more. 

The company built the hub for its own research teams around the world, it said, and plans on sharing updates with everyone else, as soon as in-house teams receive them. 

The hub is available now through a premium monthly subscription offered by both Nvidia and NetApp. Early access customers can get it for $90,000 a month, Nvidia said, adding that interested customers should consult with their NetApp representative.

Looking ahead, Nvidia said Google Cloud plans to add support for Base Command Platform in its marketplace in the future.