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Office working is less productive than ever

Image Credit: Bruce Mars / Pixelbay

An increasing number of employees see home working as more productive than working from an office, according to a new research report.

To mark what is apparently World Productivity Day, Jabra found that four times more employees in 2018 perceive working from home to be the most productive, compared to 2015.

So what’s wrong with the office? This survey’s respondents are saying noise is the biggest deterrent to workplace productivity – other office workers talking to each other as the most annoying type of noise.

It was also said that the workforce has become more mobile between now and 2015, while remote meetings (workers joining in a virtual meeting from different locations) are the remedy to people coming into meetings unprepared (38 per cent), not being able to make decisions (30 per cent) or simply being late for a meeting (30 per cent).

Looking at country-specific results, in the UK, half of a working day (43 per cent) is spent away from the desk at the office, either walking around (13 per cent) or driving to places (9 per cent), which is something that doesn’t happen with home workers.

Bjoern Ekner, Senior Director Product Marketing at Jabra said: “Monitoring the state of modern office work is a key initiative for us and I am pleased to once again share our insights. In order to understand the dynamics of knowledge work, we have to stay curious. We need to create the optimal environment for office workers to thrive and eliminate what gets in the way of their focus and the ability to collaborate. This year’s number one hurdle for productivity in the workplace, was once again noise. I hope managers and leaders will join Jabra in helping secure the ‘concentration zone’ for our employees.”

Image Credit: Bruce Mars / Pixelbay

Sead Fadilpašić

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