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One in four companies will be all-cloud within a year

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/bluebay)

A quarter of businesses plan to move all of their applications to the cloud within a year, according to a new report from O’Reilly Media.

Based on a poll of more than 1,200 IT managers, and conducted just before Covid-19 sent the global economy into a spiral, the report also states that the move to cloud is consistent across businesses of all sizes, not just smaller organisations.

Large enterprises with north of 10,000 employees are also making the move, with 17 percent have already shifted all their apps to the cloud.

The vast majority of respondents expect the usage of cloud-based infrastructure to keep growing, but not all businesses plan to move everything into the cloud. A significant portion (67 percent) plan to move most of their tech inventory, but not all of it.

Most businesses (54 percent) opt for multiple providers, with the usual suspects running the show: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Cloud is an essential part of digital transformation – a process that sees organisations digitise all aspects of their business. By going digital, companies expect to achieve a happier, more productive workforce, better customer experience and increased profit.