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One in ten home working Brits are not GDPR compliant

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Wright Studio)

Remote working may have improved the work-life balance of many Brits, but it has also made organisations more likely to fall foul of GDPR

This is according to a new report from IT support company ILUX, which found that a tenth of workers in the UK do not believe their remote working practices are compliant.

Based on a poll of 2,000 UK-based home workers, the report hints the problem could stem from the adoption of BYOD initiatives, explaining that personal technology for work “could be the catalyst for [respondents'] concerns.”

There is also the issue of support, with two thirds of respondents feeling they haved lacked sufficient support from business owners during the pandemic. One tenth of the respondents considered their managers too busy or stressed to warrant approaching.

For James Tilbury, Managing Director at ILUX, however, no excuse is good enough.

“Asking employees to work from home and then not providing the right computer systems and security measures is a recipe for disaster,” he said.

“The last thing any business needs at this time is to lose valuable data, leave themselves open to cyberattacks or phishing and leave themselves vulnerable to the unknown. It may only seem like a small number, but it’s best not to be in that ten percent.”

According to Tilbury, remote staff should be provided with company devices on which to work, protected with the latest security patches and cybersecurity solutions.

“Nine in ten is a positive figure, better than would be expected, but as a business owner I would be starting to ask myself “Did I plan enough for home working” and get some advice from an industry professional on how you might rectify any GDPR issues in my business, now. Better to be proactive than reactive in these situations," he concluded.