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Online collaboration tools can end up hindering productivity

(Image credit: Image Credit: Oblong Industrites)

Although communication and collaboration platforms are designed to improve productivity, they can sometimes have the opposite effect.

A new report from enterprise search platform Sinequa asserts that having too many platforms to work on causes staff to forget who shared what with them - and where that data is stored.

As a result, they spend too much time searching for files and information across platforms, and often end up asking colleagues to resend the material they had already provided.

Polling 250 UK-based IT decision-makers for the report, Sinequa found that 96 percent of employees have had to resend information they already provided and, on average, employees experience a request to resend information every three working days.

“There is a growing risk that productivity is hindered rather than helped by application proliferation and the resulting information sprawl. Looking across multiple applications with different search capabilities wastes employee’s time and their productivity suffers,” said Jeff Evernham, Vice President, Product Strategy, Sinequa. 

“The best organizations are mindful of the employee experience as a whole, and integrate solutions for a more comprehensive, cohesive, and frictionless digital workplace.”

The company believes the solution lies in integration software, which allows employees to search for data on all available platforms via a centralized system.