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Opera adds unlimited free VPN to its Android browser

(Image credit: Image Credit: Alok Sharma / Pexels)

The Opera browser for Android devices now comes with a built-in VPN service, free of charge. 

The VPN, now available with version 51, will allow users to cloak a person's online identity by faking the actual physical address from which the user connects to the internet.

But VPNs, cheap as they may be, are still rarely totally free, which is why some users started questioning ulterior motives. It is a known fact that some VPNs tend to sell the information they gather on their users, to third parties. Others, however, aren’t that good at doing their job.

Opera’s VP of product marketing says the company has other ways of making money and that it’s currently just looking to offer a unique feature, more security and privacy to its users.

Browser wars on Android are heating up. The newest addition to the race, the Brave browser, has recently surpassed Opera in market share. According to figures from SimilarWeb, Opera is behind Brave, UC Browser, CM Browser, Firefox and Chrome.

Venturebeat says the company has become ‘aggressive’ in adding new features lately.

Image Credit:  Alok Sharma / Pexels