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Oppo wants to release world's first 5G smartphone

Oppo has laid out its plans to launch the world's first 5G-enabled smartphone.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has revealed it successfully conducted 5G hardware trials in its Australian research facility, paving the way to hopefully push a 5G smartphone next year.

"This latest test by the Oppo Research Institute is a significant milestone in helping the company achieve its goal," Oppo said. “The 5G internet connection was carried out on a pre-commercially available 5G smartphone, developed on the basis of an Oppo R15. It was customised with fully integrated 5G components, including a system board, RF, RFFE, and antenna."

According to ZDNet, the trials were taking place in Oppo’s Research Institute, in a 5G communication protocol laboratory environment.

But it’s not just high-speed YouTube viewing that Oppo is interested in – the company says it’s looking at a whole spectrum of use cases, including virtual and augmented reality shopping, 3D video calls and online gaming.

"5G technology has been discussed among consumers for quite a few years and we're looking forward to bringing the new technology to Australian shores. This is the first step in making 5G a reality," Oppo Australia MD Michael Tran added.