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Optimising infrastructure essential to digital transformation

 Digital transformation is essential for companies of all sizes to reach new customers, open new revenue streams and grow. From start-ups to full-blown enterprises, the majority of organisations are aware of the effect of technology on their bottom line, and they are working hard on bringing new technology into their offices.  These are the conclusions of a new report by SignalFX, based on a poll of 216 respondents. 

The report, entitled State of Digital Transformation Readiness, says that 79 per cent are either implementing, or have already implemented a plan to optimise infrastructure enabling digital transformation.  More than half said they either have a modern infrastructure, or are in the process of transitioning into one. Monitoring and alerting seems to be as important as the cloud, judging by financial investments. 

Also, IT operations and DevOps consider their individual roles very important for the success of their organisation’s digital transformation strategy. 

“Digital transformation is a leading business objective for many organizations, but, in order to succeed, organizations must also have a strategy that includes the tools, platforms, processes and people to ensure an operational transformation,” said Karthik Rau, CEO, SignalFx. 

“We wanted to see what steps, if any, were being taken to prepare for transformation and were pleased to discover that there is significant investment being put into readiness measures related to modern infrastructure.”  

The results clearly show digital transformation being a key initiative for businesses, which is why organisations are investing time, staff and funds to create a strong foundation for the proper implementation of their digital transformation strategies.