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Oracle acquires LogFire for its cloud-based warehouse management apps

(Image credit: Image Credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock)

In order to boost the features of its supply chain management cloud offering, Oracle will be acquiring the Atlanta-based LogFire that provides cloud-based warehouse management applications.

Oracle believes that LogFire's applications will really help complement the logistics functionality of its own Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM), through the addition of the ability to manage warehouses. The financial terms of the company's proposed acquisition have yet to be disclosed but both LogFire's employees and management will be joining the Oracle SCM Cloud Team.

Throughout the course of this year so far, Oracle has purchased a number cloud computing companies to help cement its position in a variety of industries. So far this year it has purchased NetSuite for its cloud based applications, Opower for its energy efficient cloud services and Textura for its cloud services that target the engineering and construction industry.

LogFire's CEO and founder, Diego Pantoja-Navajas, confirmed the proposed acquisition in a blog post: “Oracle will leverage our expertise in the cloud-based warehouse management space while we integrate into Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud's broad suite of innovative applications that enables supply chain organisations to modernise their supply chain processes.”

Oracle is currently reviewing LogFire's existing product roadmap and will be informing customers regarding any changes to it. LogFire products and services will continue to be available to customers until the close of the acquisition through its sales, support and professional service contacts.

LogFire already has a wide range of over 40 customers working in retail, consumer goods, third-party logistics and e-commerce that are able to ship more than 100 million orders worldwide every year. Oracle has promised that it will integrate LogFire's products with its own when the acquisition is finished later this year. 

Image Credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
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