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Oracle has entered the multi-cloud management game

(Image credit: Image Credit: Everything Possible / Shutterstock)

Oracle has announced a new offering that it hopes will become the go-to place for multi-cloud management.

Called Oracle Cloud Observability and Management, the platform does just as the name suggests – it gives users visibility and insight across both cloud native and traditional technology, regardless of whether it's deployed in a multi-cloud or on-premises environment.

In a blog post, Clay Magouyrk, EVP for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineering, said the new offering is designed to “help enterprises better manage their increasingly diverse and distributed IT portfolios, while reducing troubleshooting time, preventing outages, and enabling IT to manage applications from a business perspective.”

“We expect these services to be used by both large and small enterprises who have important applications whose performance they wish to maximize. Those applications may be deployed in Oracle Cloud, on-premises, in third-party clouds or in any combination of the three,” said Dan Koloski, VP Oracle Enterprise and Cloud Manageability.

Among the facilities on offer with Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform are a unified view of the software stacks, diagnostics for cloud and traditional technologies, embedded machine learning that helps detect and fix abnormal behavior, to name a few.

Oracle is far from being the only player in the field, however. Other vendors have set their sights on the market as well, including heavy hitters Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure. IBM, VMware, Dell Technologies, and HPE also have similar offerings, noted ZDNet.