Oracle IoT Cloud gets AI and machine learning boost


Oracle has revealed a major upgrade to its IoT cloud offering that it says will help businesses get more value out of the Internet of Things.

The company has revealed it will be imbuing its IoT Cloud with built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities which will be able to provide businesses with more detailed data than ever before.

The new Digital Twin and Digital Thread platforms will also allow companies greater visibility into their entire supply chain, with the latter giving a clearer overview by creating a "system of systems" of a company's IoT processes.

The former will allow companies to develop and launch their own tailored IoT field apps, which can then be centralised into a core analytics platform to quickly give detailed information in real time.

“IoT holds the potential to transform today’s siloed operations into a modern, interconnected, digital set of workflows with real-time visibility and responsiveness,” said Bhagat Nainani, Oracle group vice president, IoT applications. 

“Oracle continues to push the boundaries of IoT to help our customers significantly simplify their IoT deployments. By receiving real-time data streams enhanced with predictive insights, they can reach new levels of intelligence and a much quicker realisation of ROI.”

As part of the expansion, Oracle is launching three new services – Digital Field Service for remote monitoring and repair, Smart Connected Factory and Digital Fleet Management as it looks to bring in as many customers as possible.