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Oracle outlines major cloud expansion goals

(Image credit: Image Credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock)

Cloud provider Oracle has announced new data centres in five countries around the world as it looks to expand and give both Amazon and Microsoft a run for their money. 

The company has this week turned on new data centres in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Osaka, Japan; Melbourne, Australia; Montreal, Canada and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Oracle added that it plans on adding a second region in Saudi Arabia (additional data centres in a different location, in case of a disaster at the first one), as well as two in the United Arab Emirates.

According to Clay Magouyrk, the executive vice president of engineering in Oracle’s cloud business, the company must ensure the data stays in the country it was created, due to GDPR regulations.

 “Overall, the strategy is to put lots of regions around the world to give customers data sovereignty,” he said. He also added that it’s the company’s strategy to have at least two regions in each country so that its customers can have a backup solution in case something goes south.

Oracle is fighting for its piece of the cloud business pie, a market that’s currently being dominated by Amazon and Microsoft. The two solutions – Amazon Web Services and Azure, together hold more than two thirds of the global market.

Oracle is claiming that the 10 of Japan’s biggest businesses are using its services, but didn’t elaborate exactly who that was.