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Oracle plans major cloud expansion with 2,000 new jobs

(Image credit: Image Credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock)

Cloud provider giant Oracle has announced plans to hire roughly 2,000 new employees as it looks to offer new services, open new locations and new data centres all over the globe.

Oracle’s goal, with this new expansion, is not only to get closer to its biggest rivals, Amazon and Microsoft, but to also help transition its business software for finance, sales and other industries within the year.

New workers will be hired all over the world, from the company’s software development hubs in Seattle, to its offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, to India. Its existing data centres will also be getting a boost in staff, confirmed Oracle’s executive VP for the Cloud Infrastructure Unit, Don Johnson.

Before 2020 ends, Oracle will have opened 20 more cloud “regions”, essentially data centres with additional gear. Chile, Japan, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, as well as “elsewhere in Asia and Europe” are what the company has planned.

“We’re driving this very, very aggressively,” Johnson said. “We are very rapidly converting what’s a complex footprint to be a very simple footprint: Everything everywhere runs on our generation two cloud infrastructure.”

Johnson said these new jobs have nothing to do with the JEDI project, but stressed that it’s working on its infrastructure for potential government customers, as well.