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Oracle staff down tools after founder holds Trump fundraiser

(Image credit: Image Credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock)

The founder and executive chairman of cloud giant Oracle, Larry Ellison, held a fundraiser for US President Donald Trump earlier this week. The move did not sit well with some of the company's staff.

Roughly 300 of Oracle's 136,000 employees downed tools on Thursday afternoon in protest of Ellison's apparent endorsement of the re-election campaign.

Some spent the afternoon time volunteering, some donated to charities opposing Trump's agenda, and others took paid leave.

According to Bloomberg, the protesters set up a website in order to communicate and organise the walkout. The website was quickly flagged, and visitors from the corporate network began receiving this message:

"Access to this site may not be permitted by the Oracle Acceptable Use Policy. However, if user is authorised and has legitimate business reason to access the requested site, then click below to access. Your access will be logged."

Oracle said it was a false positive by its security system and that the error was quickly remedied.

Though the number of protesters might appear insignificant in the context of the total number of employees, the media is speculating the response would have been much greater if employees weren't fearful of repercussions.