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Oracle unveils new SaaS, dubs it AWS killer

Oracle recently held its OpenWorld event in San Francisco, where it unveiled a new infrastructure-as-a-service offering. The interesting part is – the company is essentially presenting it as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) killer, according to media present at the event.  

The company's co-founder Larry Ellison said the second-generation IaaS outperforms AWS, costs less and can ultimately be sold as a subscription-based on-premises kit. First – the performance. Ellison said the company's data centres will offer more cores, more RAM, bigger storage and IOPs. On top of it all, it will be 'highly resistant' to outages. Cloud hardware and software bundles, offered in subscription models, will be compatible with Oracle's cloud, Ellison added.   

There was plenty of talk about Oracle's competitors, too. In cloud, Amazon Web Services was identified as the biggest player, while Workday was mentioned in relation to applications, ERP and software-as-a-service (SaaS). In terms of customer relations management (CRM), was mentioned. During the keynote, it was also unveiled that Oracle's database in the cloud offering, the Exadata Express Cloud Service, was available for $175 a month. 

On-premises apps can now be moved to the cloud in three clicks (one for the database, one to bring WebLogic to the Cloud and one to add high availability), Oracle's in-cloud Docker implementation is now available everywhere. Finally, a new tool called Oracle Analytics Cloud Suite is available, as well as the Big Data Discovery Cloud, allowing non-pros to derive insights from Hadoop.  

Oh yeah, Oracle also acquired Palerra.  

Image Credit: Josefkube / Shutterstock