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Organisations are falling behind on digital transformation

(Image credit: Image Credit: Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK )

Digital transformation may be presented as the promise land for organisations of all shapes and sizes, helping them cut costs, increase revenues while keeping both customers and employees super happy. But getting there seems to be quite the endeavour, and a new report from SnapLogic shines new light on just how hard it is to achieve digital transformation.

Four in ten organisations are behind schedule with digital transformation, the report states. Some haven’t even started transforming yet. Others, if they could be given a chance, would go through the process in an entirely different way. Most had to re-evaluate their digital transformation strategy.

Just 13 per cent are happy with where they are, and confident they’re on the right track.

So what’s causing all this trouble? Confusion, created by not knowing exactly what the goal of digital transformation is.

The biggest roadblocks are internal politics, a lack of centralised ownership and no senior management buy-in. Also, the companies are relying too much on legacy software. Some didn’t test their projects before implementing them, and some even rolled out solutions that proved unsuccessful in trials.

“Despite all the noise around digital transformation in recent years, it’s clear from our research that there’s still much work to be done to help organizations be successful,” comments Gaurav Dhillon, CEO at SnapLogic.

“While some companies may take solace in knowing they are not the only ones struggling, for those of us in the technology industry this is a stark wakeup call that we must do a better job advising, partnering with, and supporting customers in their digital transformation journey if we are to ever see the reality of a digital-first economy.”

Image Credit: Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK 

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