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Organisations aren't pulling the maximum out of their cloud

Cloud adoption is still high among businesses, but they’re not using it to its full potential, according to a new study by Cisco.  More than two thirds (68 per cent) are using it to help drive business outcomes, but even more (69 per cent) don’t have a mature cloud strategy. What’s more, just three per cent have optimised their strategies and are creating ‘superior’ business outcomes.  

Extra revenue and savings are the two main benefits of most ‘cloud advanced’ organisations, Cisco says, adding they come mostly from the sales of new products and services, the ability to get new customers faster, and the ability to reach new markets faster.  

Pretty much all (95 per cent) of advanced companies use a hybrid IT environment, Cisco said.  South Korea and Japan are the two countries with the highest percentage of hybrid cloud adoption (55 and 54 per cent, respectively), while the UK sits at 46 per cent. Australia is at the bottom of the list, with 41 per cent. Realising how important proper optimisation is, and how few businesses are actually doing it right, Cisco has released a new product, the Cisco Professional Services.

It will allow multicloud management, orchestration services, acceleration of both design and deployment for private and cloud-native solutions, enhanced app and cloud migration services, and new IT transformation services for DevOps. 

More about the new product can be found on this link

Image Credit: Flickr / Prayitno

Sead Fadilpašić

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