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Organisations' digital marketing maturity has a long way to go

On a global level, the maturity of digital marketing operations within organisations is ranked as 'intermediate', meaning there is still much room for improvement. These are the results of a new global study released by Progress. It analysed digital maturity among 700 organisations, worldwide. 

The report, entitled Digital Marketing Maturity: The Results Are In, says organisations are investing in technology to drive business, but not all leverage them to create a holistic view of the business. Almost two thirds (63 per cent) said they had two or three systems integrated in a batch process. More than half (56 per cent) said 'some or none' of their marketing systems were integrated. 

Four fifths (80 per cent), said they still did a lot of manual work.  Even though big data analytics is essential to deliver personalised experiences, just above two thirds (69 per cent) reported their analytics solutions being fully integrated. In the majority of cases, big data analytics is used to impact conversions (87 per cent) and to improve marketing program effectiveness (70 per cent). 

"As technologies evolve and processes are digitised, the marketing and customer experience function is being transformed. Whether this transformation is effective depends a great deal on digital maturity," said Svetozar Georgiev, Senior Vice President of Application Platforms, Progress.  

"Based on our findings, it’s clear that organisations need to optimise, integrate and automate systems, and they need a true analytics platform to take advantage of big data to drive conversions. Implementing these changes will also enable them to truly support digital business transformation initiatives.” 

The full report can be found on this link.  

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens