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Organisations missing out on service-based approach gains

There is a whole lot of work to be done by a ‘vast majority’ of organisations, to reach the levels of Uber, Amazon or AirBnB, when it comes to the service-based approach to business operations.  This is according to a new report by Fruition Partners, called ‘Service Revolution Barometer (opens in new tab)’.  

According to the report, the average organisation has a 40 per cent maturity level when it comes to having a service-based approach. That means there is still a lot of work to be done which can result in more productivity and less cost.  The report itself is based on a survey of 400 CIOs, based in the UK and the US. It says that, in the best case scenario, 21 per cent of organisations offer all services (including IT, legal and others) in a self-service manner. 

Also, 14 per cent have fully automated service provision, and a quarter (23 per cent) have a consistent way users can interact with internal service providers. 

“If you look at life as a consumer, almost everything is now delivered to you as a service. If you want to buy something, book an appointment or get some information, you simply click a button. But in the enterprise, you still have to make phone calls, send an email, or push paper around,” said Paul Cash, Managing Partner of Fruition Partners UK. 

IT departments are the ‘furthest towards’ having everything as a service, the report also said, stating that in two thirds (65 per cent) of organisations, all, or the majority of IT services could be accessed in a self-service manner.      

Image Credit: Melies The Bunny Follow / Flickr  

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