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Organisations struggle with cloud configuration

(Image credit: Image Credit: Everything Possible / Shutterstock)

Data security and configuration of cloud-based services is proving to be quite the challenge for many organisations, a new survey has shown.

Fresh figures from security organisation Tripwire says that more than four in five (84 per cent) consider security configurations on cloud services “difficult to maintain”. This is based on a poll of 150 security professionals who were in attendance during the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas recently.

A fifth of those find it “very difficult”, while the vast majority (75 per cent) believe it’s easy to accidentally expose data in the cloud. 

Roughly half (54 per cent) have set up configuration management, while 49 per cent have file integrity monitoring capabilities.

“While cloud providers may take responsibility for securing their infrastructure, moving to the cloud doesn’t absolve you from the responsibility of protecting your own data,” said Tim Erlin, vice-president of product management and strategy at Tripwire.

“The cloud doesn’t magically protect the data and systems that you put in there. There’s a new incident reported every few weeks that stresses the need to extend basic security controls to cloud environments. Organisations need to ensure they’re implementing critical security controls regardless of where the systems reside,” he added.

The report concludes that organisations monitor their attack surface and minimise security risks through secure configuration and vulnerability management.