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Organizations forced to ramp up pen testing during the pandemic

(Image credit: Shutterstock / Rabbit_Photo)

Covid-19 and the rise of remote working has forced cybersecurity organizations to rethink how they approach penetration testing.

According to a new report from cybersecurity firm Core Security, more than a quarter (28 percent) of businesses have increased pen testing, while almost half (45 percent) placed greater emphasis on network security tests.

In total, 85 percent said they conduct pen testing at least once a year. These tests play "an essential role” in creating a robust cybersecurity strategy, the report claims.

Organizations are also relying on pen testing to ensure compliance with various regulations, including PCI DSS, SOX, NERC, HIPAA, CMMC, and GDPR. The findings, Core Security says, confirm almost all (99 percent) respondents consider pen testing to be crucial for compliance.

Covid-19 has caused an unprecedented level of disruption for businesses. As lockdowns were enforced across the globe, businesses shifted most of their operations online. Hackers and cybercriminals sought to take advantage of the sudden shift, and the fact that many organizations did not have enough time to tighten up on security.