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Outlook app gets Sunrise's features

Sunrise is dead, long live Sunrise! Once considered the best mobile calendar app to ever grace us with its presence, it got acquired by Microsoft and now officially shut down. 

But Microsoft has taken its best features and reincarnated them into its Outlook calendar, and the general feeling is overall quite positive. The new app, which can now be downloaded, comes with a couple of changes. Interesting Calendars is one of the new features, which allows Outlook to connect with businesses, TV shows and similar. 

That way, your calendar will have automatic updates on your favourite sports events, next episodes of that series you’re watching, stuff like that.  It has also added personalised icons to events, to make things prettier. Now, a lunch appointment will have a nice little cutlery icon, and that bike run you agreed last week will have a bicycle icon. 

Date and time pickers have also been improved, as well as maps. Typing a location will prompt a few suggestions, and if one of them is correct and you tap it, it will automatically be added to the event, together with a map – both Google and Apple, depending on what you prefer. The length of a meeting can now easily be changed, and everyone who RSVP’d to the event will get notified instantly.  Skype for Business meetings can also now be set up directly from phone, and Microsoft promises more features in the future. Sunrise might be dead, but its spirit lives on.

Image Credit: Microsoft