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Over half of security incidents caused by insiders considered 'flight risks'

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Andrea Danti)

The majority of instances in which an employee or a contractor steals sensitive business data occur immediately before the individual terminates their contract, according to a new report from cybersecurity firm Securonix.

Analysing hundreds of incidents across several verticals, the company concluded that 60 percent of insider data theft includes an employee or a contractor considered a “flight risk” – or an individual likely to abandon ship in the near future.

According to Securonix, businesses aren’t doing enough to protect their data from insider threats. The report states that, while data aggregation and snooping still remains prominent in most organisations, the tools to detect such behaviour lag behind. 

Organisations also struggle to identify data that should remain classified and often distribute this information across networks and systems, making it even more difficult to secure and manage.

Employees also frequently use cloud collaboration tools like Box and Dropbox, sharing data outside the company network. The report states that the convenience these tools offer makes them attractive for workers everywhere, but also makes securing company data an “elevated challenge”.