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Over half of workers don't understand what digital transformation is

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For some workers in the UK, digital transformation is still a complete mystery, new research has found.

A survey from Cherwell Software on a pool of 500 businesses with 50 or more employees found that some workers simply don’t know what it is, and others think it has something to do with transforming the office into a paperless environment.

But it’s not just employees who are sometimes clueless about digital transformation, its meaning and its purpose. It’s also employers. The majority of employees (64 per cent) say their employers only adopt new technology once it already enters mainstream adoption.

Less than one in ten are considered ‘digital innovators’, being the early birds in the digital transformation effort.

One of the main arguments for digital transformation revolves around data silos, and how organisations are losing a lot by not joining data from various sources into a single pool. This report partially confirms that theory, saying that 42 per cent of employees believe their businesses do not integrate data and processes across departments all too well.

“It’s obvious that not enough time is being devoted to communicating with employees to develop their understanding and involvement in the process of digital transformation,” said Oliver Krebs, vice president of EMEA sales for Cherwell.  “Unless business leaders bring their teams along with them on this journey British organisations are likely to fail and our ability to compete in the global market place will be severely compromised.”

The report also tackles artificial intelligence in business, saying it has gotten mixed reactions. The bulk of the respondents (34 per cent) perceive AI in a negative light, while 21 per cent see it as positive. Thirty per cent are ‘in between’.

Image Credit: Chombosan / Shutterstock

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