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Pandemic has accelerated shift to cloud-based cybersecurity

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/deepadesigns)

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused businesses to shift towards cloud-based security at a much higher pace than originally anticipated, according to a new study from Microsoft.

The report states that providing secure remote access to resources, apps, and data is perceived as the single greatest challenge for security leaders nowadays. To tackle the threat, businesses everywhere are moving to cloud-based technologies and zero trust architectures.

In the longer-term, almost four in ten businesses will prioritize investments in Cloud Security (Cloud Access Security Broker, Cloud Workload Protection Platform, Cloud Security Posture Management), followed by Data & Information Security (28 percent) and anti-phishing tools (26 percent).

“The bottom line is that the pandemic is clearly accelerating the digital transformation of cyber-security,” wrote Andrew Conway, General Manager for Microsoft Security.

Microsoft also reported that an “alarming number” of businesses are still affected by phishing scams related to Covid-19. These problems are further exacerbated by security budget constraints and problems hiring skilled staff.

Despite security expertise coming at a premium, 80 percent of companies are said to be looking to recruit security professionals in response to Covid-19.