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'PC cleans' see huge rise during lockdown

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People are generating record levels of “clutter and junk” on their devices, suggests a new report from device cleaning software firm CCleaner.

According to the company, people stuck at home thanks to Covid-19 are consuming more content than ever before. All that content is generating “unnecessary files and data”, and consumers are taking steps to ensure device performance remains snappy.

CCleaner claims that the number of monthly PC cleans has jumped by 200 percent, while mobile cleaning surged 55 percent.

The report states that 27 percent of Netflix and Amazon Prime users spent an extra three to five hours a week streaming, while in some cases people consumed up to 21 hours of extra content a week.

Meanwhile, almost half of supermarket app shoppers used online food delivery services an extra three to five times per month. Online shopping for non-food items also grew, as four in five shoppers used Amazon more often, while six in ten used eBay more than they usually would.

“The risks to online security have already been highlighted, but what we also need to consider is the impact on the functionality of devices. The more you use something, the more it depreciates in value and in performance unless it’s well-maintained,” said David Peterson, General Manager at CCleaner.

“When we use our devices to browse the internet or run applications we continuously create junk files that take up valuable space and negatively impact the speed of the device at start-up and while it’s in use."

“If our dependence on online services to manage our daily lives continues to increase as we expect it to, we can prevent the frustration of a slow machine or an app that quits unexpectedly by cleaning and tuning it on a regular basis.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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