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Pen testers are finding twice as many software flaws in 2020

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/niroworld)

Ethical hackers, tasked with weeding out software bugs, are finding more than twice as many vulnerabilities as they were last year.

This is according to a report from security firm HackerOne, which states that hackers have identified more than 180,000 vulnerabilities on its platform, a third of which were reported in the past year alone.

The report suggests white hat hackers are finding more vulnerabilities because businesses are under increasing pressure to deliver new digital services, mostly due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

A third of businesses (36 percent) have expedited digital initiatives to support remote working, as a direct consequence of the pandemic. Almost a third (30 percent) said they experienced more cyberattacks after the lockdown began, while more than a quarter (28 percent) identified more software vulnerabilities.

“Budget and staff cutbacks, a rise in cyber-attacks and the great rush to support remote workers have put security teams under significant pressure,” said HackerOne CEO, Marten Mickos.

“Adding to that, the need to develop new Covid-proof solutions means fresh vulnerabilities are inevitable. Traditional security tactics are no longer sufficient to keep up with a rapidly adapting attack surface. New, affordable and agile solutions need to be found.”

The sudden shift to remote working has placed many employees outside the protection of their corporate firewalls, while others had to learn new tools without proper training.

The rush to roll out software to remote workers further compounds this issue, giving cybercriminals a greater range of attack vectors to play with.