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Poor communication is costing UK firms thousands each year

(Image credit: Image Credit: Totojang1977 / Shutterstock)

Employee communication and collaboration is extremely important for the success of a company, which is why any inefficiencies can take a heavy toll on a business. This is according to a new report by business communications firm Mitel.

Polling 2,500 business professionals in five countries across North America, Western Europe and Australia, the report claims that employees spend more than half of the average workday communicating, and they waste roughly 13 per cent of their day to poorly optimised communications channels.

That translates, according to Mitel, to more than $10,000 in lost revenue, per employee, a year.

It’s not just the business that suffers, though – customers suffer too, and a quarter of respondents said that inefficient communications hurt customer satisfaction.

Looking at the most popular and upcoming communications channels, the report says that phone and email “are not going away any time soon”. A face to face meeting is still considered the most effective way to communicate.

In the future, employees expect to use shared workspaces, chat and messaging apps, as well as video calls, more frequently. For three quarters, more effective use of technology would mean an increase in personal productivity.

“Employees are asking for a seamless communications and collaboration experience, one that is consistent across the organization, across devices and integrated with their daily workflows,” said Mary McDowell, Mitel’s President and CEO.

“The most successful organizations will be those that combine their implementation of advanced communications and collaboration technologies with strategic change management practices to empower employees and improve the customer experience.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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