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Poor internet could be holding back the UK's SMBs

(Image credit: Image Credit: Atm2003 / Shutterstock)

Employee productivity has always been an important pain point in UK businesses of all sizes, and now a new report claims that the quality of internet connections could play a major role.

Zen Internet has polled 1,000 SME employees in the country and discovered that 83 per cent consider unreliable connections annoying. 

Of that number, 85 per cent claim poor internet is affecting their productivity, to the tune of more than an hour (72 minutes) a day being lost – equivalent to two and a half working week a year.

Decreasing productivity aside, poor internet also makes frustrated colleagues and stressed workers. The report goes so far to say that workplace stress makes people overeat (24 per cent), smoke (19 per cent) and drink alcohol (16 per cent).

To make matters even worse – there's a domino effect to it. Poor internet connectivity can also mean annoyed customers, as well.

“The UK has long sought ways to improve its productivity, but this research shows it’s a near impossible task if it doesn’t solve its connectivity issue too,” comments Georgina Lord, MD of Zen Retail.

“Connectivity is a fundamental part of how any business operates from reaching new customers to streamlining their core services and operations. Businesses need a reliable internet connection that delivers the capabilities they require to do their job and doesn’t leave employees twiddling their thumbs for hours each week.”