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Printers could be holding back your digital transformation

(Image credit: Image Credit: KlausAires / Pixabay)

Outdated print infrastructure is posing issues as businesses attempt to migrate to the cloud, according to new research commissioned by Lexmark.

The report states that three in five businesses recognize “lingering print infrastructure” as a major roadblock to the success of digital transformation projects.

While four in five (79 percent) companies polled for the report are actively investing in cloud infrastructure, more than half (57 percent) see their current print infrastructure as having a negative impact on these efforts.

Almost half of respondents said they were having trouble integrating existing IT into new infrastructure, as well as updating or replacing legacy business processes.

However, at the same time, less than half of businesses said they prioritize investment in legacy print infrastructure. Six in ten have already exceeded their digital transformation budgets, while 54 percent face delays and prolonged project timelines.

According to a separate IDC report, global spending on digital transformation technology and services is set to grow by 10.4 percent this year to $1.3 trillion.

“This research highlights the importance of considering cloud-based print infrastructure as a key strategic IT initiative,” said Matt Dollus, Vice President of Global Marketing and IoT Portfolio at Lexmark.

“Established companies in every sector are under pressure to transform into digital-first organizations. With the Covid-19 pandemic exposing gaps and weaknesses in IT infrastructure, many are struggling by failing to take print with them on their digital transformation journey.”