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Privacy and software delivery are keeping IT pros awake at night

(Image credit: Image Credit: David M G / Shutterstock)

If there’s anything keeping IT leaders awake at night it’s data privacy, customer experience and the current state of technology, according to a new report by Insight UK.

Almost all respondents (94 per cent) admit to be concerned about the privacy of data. Less than a quarter (24 per cent) use a bimodal IT talent approach, with one group focusing on predictability and operations, while the other focuses on innovation.

Close second is customer experience, with 87 per cent worrying about improving it. Also, 84 per cent said the only way to address it is by providing consistent customer engagement.

Finally, the state of current tech is the third biggest problem, with IT leaders saying the ability to adopt new technology is a huge concern. New tech drives productivity, efficiency and innovation, but also attracts talent.

“IT is now taking on a central strategic role that touches every facet of the business. With data breaches making daily news headlines, increasing customer demands and the consumerisation of IT, IT leaders have more responsibility than ever before,” commented Lal Hussain, Director of IT Applications at Insight UK.

“That’s why working with a trusted partner who understand these pressures, as well as the technological capabilities, regulations and budget restrictions faced by organisations today is so important. By working in collaboration with the right partners, IT leaders can ensure they develop an overall strategy with cross-departmental solutions that meet their business needs and customers’ expectations.”

Image Credit: David M G / Shutterstock