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Proper identity management tools are half the cybersecurity struggle, experts say

The industry is reacting to Accenture’s new report which said that every third cyberattack against a company is successful. Among those that reacted is Richard Parris, CEO of Intercede, cybersecurity company specialising in digital identities, derived credentials and trusted application management. According to Parris, the bigger issue is that instead of the company’s IT team, it’s an employee in another sector that usually reports the breach. 

“It’s the security team’s bread and butter to be able to identify and address cyber breaches as, and when, they happen - after the event is often too late as sensitive customer and company information has been leaked and shared online. Security professionals need to know who and what is trying to access their network and data in order to be able to defend against attack.”

 IT teams spend too much time ‘mopping up’ after a breach, mostly because of poor usage of identity management solutions, he adds. 

“But it doesn’t need to be this way – there are infinitely more secure identity management solutions available that will enable the CISO to know that if employee ‘X’ is logging onto the network, that it is the real employee ‘X’, and not an imposter.” 

“One of the big challenges in the UK is for the Government to lead by example. There are very sophisticated approaches and technologies being used by other governments around the world to make sure only authorised individuals and machines can access highly sensitive data. Phillip Hammond’s announcement that an extra £1.9bn will be invested in Britain’s cybersecurity strategy is welcome news, but the Government now needs to ensure it puts its rhetoric into action and set the standard for cyber security in the UK."

According to Accenture, the fail rate is compounded by the ‘sheer volume’ of these attacks – there are more than a hundred of them against an average company, on a yearly basis. Executives said they’re mostly confident about their cybersecurity strategies.  Accenture’s full report can be found on this link.  

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