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Public sector neglects backing up Office 365 deployment

(Image credit: Image Credit: Microsoft)

Basically all Councils and Government Departments (96 per cent of them) have no methods of backing up their Microsoft Office 365 Deployment. This is according to a new report by UK Backup, based on a Freedom of Information request. 

UK Backup’s Managing Director, James Chillman, says this information is ‘frightening’.  

“Councils and Government Departments are ultimately responsible for protecting their data, regardless of where that data resides. While SaaS Email providers such as Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365, generally do a good job of backing up your data; their backups are for their benefit, not yours. If you need to recover deleted data, for example, purged email from several months or years ago to be used as legal evidence – You might find that your provider is unable or unwilling to help.”

 “What was even more worrying was the number of users who believe that the responsibility lies with Microsoft to maintain backups. What happens when you delete an email? You have 14 or 30 days to recover it from the trash can, and afterwards, it’s gone forever, not even Microsoft’s backups can help in this situation.”

UK Backup says it is vital for organisations to treat all the data the same, and back up everything, especially with ransomware being as prevalent as it is nowadays.

“Recent news from Tiverton Town Council highlights the importance of backing up data to assist in recovering from ransomware, one click on a malicious email and the council lost two years worth of data.”

Image Credit: Microsoft