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Public sector organisations are looking for the perfect cloud

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Although the majority (87 percent) of public sector organisations would love to migrate to the cloud, they would only do so if a “perfect” solution presented itself. As it stands, the public sector is relatively reluctant, fearing security breaches and other commercial risks.

This is according to British multi-cloud provider UKCloud, which has published a new report on cloud adoption among public sector organisations.

Polling more than 300 senior public sector IT professionals, UKCloud found more than four in five (85 per cent) worry about potential cybersecurity concerns. Almost half (48 per cent) won’t consider public cloud for their most sensitive systems and 40 per cent ruled out public cloud for systems they need to run on-premise.

The report also highlights fears about commercial risks associated with using a single cloud provider, which are "rife". Vendor lock-in is inhibiting cloud adoption for more than three quarters (78 per cent) of those polled.

The public sector also fears repeating old mistakes. Previous IT project fails are causing 78 per cent to hold off on embracing cloud – rising to 83 per cent in the health sector.

“Digital transformation is inevitable but is happening too slowly,” says UKCloud's CEO Simon Hansford. The issues raised in the report are being addressed at a policy level in government at the moment.”

According to Hansford, public sector organisations are looking for the perfect solution, something he believes does not exist.

“There is no perfect cloud solution – rather different clouds to meet different needs. UK public sector organisations need choice and options in order to meet demand for cloud-based data and workloads. Organisations understand cloud-first is not cloud-only. Some of them, like the Food Standards Agency, have already fully moved to the public cloud. Others, like the Ministry of Defence, have a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy. The public sector understands the detail of the policy, including the fact it enables organisations to form a cloud strategy that’s right for them. Different organisations face different sets of challenges when it comes to cloud, and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution.”