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Purple offers a free WiFi product for businesses

(Image credit: Image Credit: Chris Oakley / Flickr)

Purple has recently announced it's disrupting the market by offering a free license WiFi solution. It has called the service Purple Free, and claims it delivers 'more advanced functionality than other paid-for-utility WiFi solutions' out there.

According to Purple's press release, the service allows businesses and venues to acquire a seamless guest WiFi service, while keeping the Corporate Data Protection Policy in mind. Businesses can expect a 'simplistic login', branded splash pages and 'a glimpse of' Purple's customer insights.

Commenting on the new free product, Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “Purple Free is sure to cultivate fresh opportunities and cement our place as the leader for WiFi and analytics. Customers simply don’t need to pay excessive costs for a simple guest WiFi solution and with Purple Free, the price tag is instantly eliminated and the product is of a superior quality.”

“Many of the old guard utility WiFi vendors sell on the fear around lawful intercepts, privacy and data sovereignty which are all serious concerns that a venue operator should consider. Purple Free covers all of these legal considerations by acting as the service provider, it also offers the ability to completely brand the experience making sure their customers feel a connection with the venue they are in rather than a disconnected WiFi provider.”

Purple is a WiFi service company that operates in 125 countries, and has more than 20 million users. 

Image Credit: Chris Oakley / Flickr