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Qualcomm kickstarts iPhone sales ban

(Image credit: Image Credit: Jeshoots / Pixabay)

Apple has begun pulling iPhones from sale in several European stores following the latest installment of its legal battle with Qualcomm.

Apple was sued by Qualcomm for patent infringment, with a court in Germany recently ruling that the company is to stop selling certain models – iPhone 7 and 8. Qualcomm was to post bonds of 1.34 billion euros ($1.5 billion) for the court order to come into effect, and did so on Thursday.

Apple pulled the models from its stores (15 of them in total), but third party resellers, such as Gravis, still sell these devices. The trick is in the way the court order is being interpreted. Qualcomm believes the court had ordered Apple to remove the devices from the country altogether, third-party resellers included.

Apple begs to differ.

Reuters has quoted a German lawyer, not involved in the case, who says Apple has a point.

“These third parties are still free to sell the (affected) iPhones, and they sell the majority of iPhones,” said Kai Ruting, adding that “the question of a settlement will be driven by the U.S. litigation and not the German case.”

Apple has appealed the ruling, so the story is still far from over.

Image Credit: Jeshoots / Pixabay