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Rackspace boosts hybrid cloud capabilities

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Nattapol Sritongcom)

Rackspace has announced a significant upgrade to its hybrid cloud offering, for which it says would help businesses speed up the modernisation of their IT infrastructure, and help support customers with legacy IT infrastructure.

The new offerings include managed guest OS and external storage for VMware on AWS; advanced Kubernetes and container enablement services; advanced cloud native support leveraging reliability engineering; managed security services; and application and data integration.

Businesses will be able to offload the complexity of deploying, integrating and managing applications with the services they need to empower their hybrid cloud strategies.

Managed VMware Cloud on AWS allows users, among other things, application migration and mobility between VMware-based private clouds and VMware Cloud on AWS.

Advanced Kubernetes and container services helps customers incorporate container architectures into their cloud strategies, while through advanced cloud-native support a Rackspace infrastructure engineering team will work with the customer’s in-house IT team to provide expert support.

“We are in the midst of a significant hybrid cloud movement with over $1 trillion of spend allocated toward cloud and associated IT services,” said Lee James, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA at Rackspace.

“Our new set of advanced hybrid cloud services, moves the discussion into a wider IT community from software developers to chief information security officers. The foundation of our hybrid cloud capability is our AIOps platform which accelerates the value of the cloud to customers, ensuring their environments are running smoothly with near-zero downtime.”