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Rackspace to offer full multicloud portfolio

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Rackspace has announced a new portfolio of cloud offerings aimed at guiding organisations through the entirety of the digital transformation process - and has also changed its name.

Under Rackspace Technology, the company will launch four distinct solution areas focused on cloud optimisation, security, cloud native enablement and data modernisation.

According to the firm, the new offerings are the “culmination” of the company’s year-long digital transformation.

“Our technical acumen with the world’s leading cloud technologies – across apps, data and security – empowers our customers to build new revenue streams, increase efficiency, and create incredible experiences,” said Kevin Jones, CEO at Rackspace Technology.

“Our new name, mission and multi-cloud solutions better represent the full value we bring to market. Our mission is simple. Embrace technology. Empower customers. Deliver the future.”

While the firm's Cloud Optimisation solution aims to cut costs and boost performance, Cloud Security provides customers with “expert security and compliance services”. Cloud Native Enablement includes cloud native application, data and security, while the goal of Data Modernisation is to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

Digital transformation is an umbrella term that encompasses an organisation’s move into cloud computing, big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies. The process is considered highly beneficial for both businesses and customers, as it allows for an improved customer experience while creating new revenue streams for businesses.

Companies often encounter a handful of challenges, including budget constraints, lack of in-house expertise and resistance to change.