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Ready for GDPR? This free tool will tell you how your business is doing

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Time is running out to ensure that your organisation is prepared for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (opens in new tab) (GDPR) and with less than a year to go now is the time to take action. 

In order to help organisations prepare for GDPR, the data governance firm DQM GRC (opens in new tab) has released a free online GDPR Self-Assessment Tool that provides insight into a company's compliance levels compared to the new regulation and offers practical advice on how they can overcome their biggest challenges. 

The tool consists of a series of 12 straight-forward multiple-choice questions that help gauge how prepared your organisation is for GDPR.  After completing the self-assessment, a free downloadable report is generated that provides your organisation with a GDPR readiness score out of 100. 

DQM GRC's GDPR Tool is easy to use and could provide valuable insight on which areas your organisation needs to invest the most in.  After tackling those areas, you can easily retake the self-assessment and as your GDPR compliance improves so will your overall score. 

The Development Director at DQM GRC, Peter Galdies, explained the firm's reasoning behind releasing the tool, saying: 

“With less than a year to go before the risk of losing 4% of global turnover becomes a reality, it's time for organisations of all shapes and sizes to start a journey towards compliance.  We believe this quick and easy to use tool will help firms swiftly gain a broad understanding of their levels of GDPR compliance, and identify critical areas where attention may be required.  With this road map in place, rapid action can be executed to get firms onto a compliance level that is accepted by the ICO” 

The tool is available for download here (opens in new tab) and it could aid your organisation in completing its own GDPR compliance journey.

Image Credit: Wright Studio / Shutterstock 

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