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Remote workers battle against a massive range of distractions

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Some of the biggest productivity killers for remote workers everywhere are mobile phones, streaming platforms and food, a new report from OfficeNeedle suggests.

Polling 670 participants from around the globe for the report, OfficeNeedle found that mobile phones were the biggest distraction for 56 percent of the respondents. Social media came in second, distracting 44 percent of those surveyed.

More than a third (34 percent) spend at least an hour each working day watching Netflix, while another 29 percent spend time cooking their meals during office hours.

Other notable mentions include helping household members with their chores and playing video games. Some even get drunk or high.

Remote working, which has become widespread as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, has been thoroughly scrutinized over the past year. While some researchers claim it’s a mental health hazard and slows down everyone’s progress on the corporate ladder, others praised the practice, claiming it boosts productivity and creates a happier workforce. 

OfficeNeedle says both increased productivity and a rise in the number of distractions are the product of the same factor: “feeling relaxed in a homely environment”.

“Employees working from home feel more at freedom than they would in an office. However, many research studies also show that employees tend to work even more from home," the report concludes.