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Remote workers losing more than 30 minutes per day to poor internet connection

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Toria)

With reliance on connection at an all time high as a result of the ongoing pandemic, new research suggests the UK’s internet services have been found wanting.

According to a new report from Zen Internet, unreliable and slow internet connection (opens in new tab) is having a significant impact on the ability of remote workers to perform effectively.

The firm found that 89% of remote workers waste more than 30 minutes per day as a result of poor internet, which equates to more than 130 hours per year. One in eight of this sub-group, meanwhile, reported losing an hour or more each day - or 260+ hours per year.

Overall, 84% of remote workers claim to suffer from intermittent connection, while 86% revealed their internet speeds are less than optimal. More than half (57%) believe increased demand for bandwidth in their household is to blame, with internet noticeably slower while other housemates and family members are also using online services.

These issues are cause for concern for business leaders who, according to Zen Internet, fear that frustration among the ranks could lead to significant productivity issues in the long run and result in loss of work, should employees attempt to work around online systems. 

“As a business leader, you want to ensure your employees have all the capabilities to do their job as effectively as possible, whether they come back to the office full time or not,” said Martin O’Donnell, Managing Director of Zen Business.

“Linking employees directly to your corporate network while also providing those in poor coverage areas with multi-connectivity solutions to bolster their internet means you can open up the benefits of office-based connectivity in their homes. This will go a long way to solving productivity issues they may be encountering caused by poor or unreliable connectivity.”

Joel Khalili is the News and Features Editor at TechRadar Pro, and has been a Staff Writer working across both TechRadar Pro and ITProPortal.