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Restricting talent search to a local area hurts businesses

Businesses in the UK are forced to compromise on talent, because they can't seem to find the proper people with a STEM background in their local area, new research has shown. Freelance website Upwork says 58 per cent of UK's businesses have had to compromise, with 41 per cent having to do it more than once. 

Even though it is essential for businesses to find the right people, a third (33 per cent) have restricted their search beyond the local area. 

Upwork goes on saying that having such a restriction could hinder growth and gives an example: Amazon Web Services is one of the most in-demand STEM skills in the South West, but the majority of professionals are in Scotland – eight per cent compared to four per cent.  

“STEM skills are hugely important for our business growth,” says Sotiris Eigemy, Paradox SEO.  

“We need them to innovate and meet the demands of our growing customer base. The decision to hire talent beyond a 30 or 40 mile radius of our head office was a turning point. We now hire workers with specialist STEM skills from multiple locations – be it the next county or another country. This approach has enabled us to seek out the very best talent in the market. Working with people remotely has required us to communicate with the team in a different way but it’s been a positive experience – we’ve seen an overall improvement in staff morale and productivity at the same time.”

Image Credit: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock